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Software Usage Agreement
All Budde Systems products are “try before you buy”. A license.txt file is included with each download package for more details. Each Budde Systems package can be downloaded from the respective web page ( or and contains everything required to setup and run each program. Sample database files are included so the end user can quickly see how the various program features work without having to input data. The packages are password protected so that a limited number of “trial” attempts/days will be allowed. After the trial attempts/days are exceeded, the user is expected to register by paying the required fee. Software can be purchased online using PayPal or money orders can be mailed to Budde Systems at P.O. Box 498, Grover, MO 63040. After payment is received, a password will be issued for full usage of the program. Once passwords are issued, no refunds will be made.
Errors/Bugs/Requests for additional functionality
Budde Systems, Inc. provides regular maintenance updates, as necessary, to fix any bugs or errors that might occur. These updates are provided at no charge to registered users. Budde Systems, Inc. also maintains an ongoing list of requested new features and enhancements. These items are reviewed on a regular basis for consideration in future paid updates. Criteria used to determine when and if requested changes will be made include provision of enhanced functionality, applicability to a majority of users, ease of use, and ease of implementation.
Privacy Policies
Budde Systems collects name, address, e-mail and golf club/association information for the purposes of establishing a customer database. The customer database is used to provide timely information on updates to current Budde Systems products and new Budde Systems applications which may be of interest to the user. Customer information is never sold to outside agencies.

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